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Review of Djordje I on Olive oil AOP Haute-Provence 5L

Olive oil AOP Haute-Provence 5L Olive oil AOP Haute-Provence 5L

This Haute-Provence olive oil is obtained exclusively in our mill from olives harvested by our producers in the olive groves around Manosque. Our soil, our single cold-pressing technique, the know-how acquired by successive generations since the founding of our oil-mill in 1928, and AOP Haute-Provence olive oil specifications all combine to bring you an olive oil with the following criteria:
Varietal composition: 80% minimum Aglandau variety combined with other local varieties such as Colombale, Rosée du Mont d'Or, Grappier, Picholine, Tanche bouteillan.

Quality and intensity of fruity aroma: Very intense green fruity aroma.

Organoleptic qualities and culinary associations: a very sharp oil with hints of raw artichoke. The flavours are herbaceous with a slight bitterness. The sharpness and bitterness highlight the strong intensity of the fruity aroma when you use this oil with your dishes. This oil goes well mainly with salads and raw vegetables and suits all cooked or raw vegetable-based preparations (for example: our Provencal ratatouille). The very pronounced fruity aroma which gives this oil its special character makes it our ‘favourite’.

Physico-chemical characteristics: Maximum acidity 0.3% (0.8% specifications). This quality Extra Virgin olive oil is obtained in our mill by single cold-pressing. The freshness and quality of the crushed olives give our oil a high content in anti-oxidants - olive oil’s natural preservatives for its renowned health properties.

Certified by Origine Traçabilité Contrôle - maison des Agriculteurs - 13100 Aix-en-Provence.

  Gold Medal in Paris 2013

  Gold Medal in Paris 2014

 Gold Medal in Nyons 2016

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- Review added the Monday 24 October 2016by Djordje I

the quality of your olive oil is excellent. the only thing which bothered me was the delivery service which left the package in front of my main house door where strangers could have picked it up easily. Can i suggest or recommend that you take a look on how your products are delivered to avoid your products get lost€

kind regards,