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Our guarantees

We have been making all our olive oils ourselves since 1928 following the single cold extraction process from olives selected from our producers who are all set up in our territory of Haute Provence in the commune of Manosque and neighbouring villages.

Our AOC olive oils meet the criteria of the Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée Provence or Haute Provence according to the case. Origine Traçabilité Contrôle (OTC) is the external inspection body in charge of checking whether we meet the specifications of these AOC.

Our organic olive oil is AB certified by bureau veritas.

Packaging: All our olive oils are sold in metal cans in order to keep them from the light. This also reduces the risk of breakage during transport.

Preservation: olive oil should be kept from air and light. It is best used within 18 months of packing.